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Real time abstract art generation using a neural net
A simple artificial neural net can be leveraged to produce a variety of visually appealing abstract patterns. For a static image, all that's needed is a random mapping from pixel coordinates to RGB values. Add a cyclical temporal input, and you'll have evolving patterns. For interactivity, just add mouse coordinates as inputs.

Vector Transformation Visualization Tool (vtvt) — another demo
Visualisation of numerical solutions of the pendulum equation by 3blue1brown

How random can you be?
Suppose I asked you to generate a random sequence of ones and zeroes. Every time you add another 1 or 0 to the sequence, I am going to predict your next choice. Do you think you can make your sequence random enough that I fail to guess more than ~50% correct? Read this post to find out. Spoiler — you are not so random.

Vector Transformation Visualization Tool (vtvt) — an online demo
I just finished writing vtvt, a JavaScript library. It's an interactive tool for visualizing vectors and their transformations in R2